National Smooth Dancers, Inc.


We are the National Smooth Dancers, a non-profit organization
fosters ballroom dancing. Our dances offer members and
guests ample opportunity to enjoy not only smooth dances but
others like rhythm, night club two step, hustle and salsa.

Ours is a social club, and our members have fun dancing at our
events. Unlike balls where one spends the entire time watching
other people compete, the dance floor is for our members and
guests. National Smooth Dancers does hold dance competitions
and provides professional exhibitions, but at our parties and
conventions the attendees are up dancing most of the time.
And, the single ladies appreciate the mixers and dance hosts at
many of our events.

Hundreds of avid dancers attend our grandest dance fest
every Labor Day weekend. It is far less expensive than the
commercial balls, more fun and with LOTS of general dancing.
We welcome guests. See the Convention details.

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National Smooth Dancers, Inc.